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I am not a big writer and it is a little weird to write about myself, so don't judge me too strict, ok? I am the type of girl who enjoys going to ballet as much as hanging out with BBQ and friends in the backyard. I think life is amazing exactly because it is so different - today you are the king, tomorrow you are homeless, but we should never give up and always do for our dreams, because without them world would be too boring, hollow and grey. If I decide to share my life with somebody, it will be forever, because I don't expect our life to be full of only roses, but I do expect that we will always be there for each other and he will love me in casual jeans as well as in precious dress.

What I am looking for

I am looking for my special man but he is much more that just the traits of the character. He will be everything for me. He will become the center of my heart, of my being. He should be understanding, tender and treat me carefully and warmly. He will be my prince not because he is rich and powerful, but because he loves me. He should be kind and sincere but not only to me but to all surrounding people. He should like children and smile to them when we meet them at the streets. He should be romantic. He will not only be my future but also my past and present as I always live with a dream to meet him.